M. Belén O

    Projects Belén Oriti Tizio has taken part in:

    Belén tells us that last year she was selected to attend the Leadership School "ECO2016", together with other young people her age. There, they looked into subjects related with social and cultural issues in our country, and were trained to become positive leaders.

    During the time they spent there, the students set up social and school projects such as "La Patria" (Homeland) and "Desestresate Bailando" (Tackling Stress through Dance)
    This is the flag for the project "Homeland"

    Apart from that, the students attended the Provincial House of Representatives, presenting several projects to be debated en the House which, once approved, were discussed by Parliament Representatives.

    The project Belén took part in was called "Protección Laboral Frente A Un Familiar Enfermo" (Job Protection when Looking after a Sick Relative) and was supported by a substantial majority. The project proposed providing job protection and social help for those citizens facing such difficult situations.

    HERE's the link to the debate
    The photo below shows a dramatization on discrimination
    And this one was taken during a presentation for an English lesson on Fashion

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