Micaela M.

Projects Micaela Martínez has taken part in

Along her high school years, Micaela and her schoolmates have worked on global issues such as bullying, abortion, drugs, child soldiers, discrimination, the environment, feminicide, man's role in contemporary society and many more.

Apart from that, this year Micaela has attended Workshops on Oratory Skills offered by the Leadership School at UCA, followed up by debates held in the classes of Citizenship and Participation. 

Last but not least, she has taken part in the Science Fair organised by her school, which allows students to research and share findings on topics of their interest.

Below is a project on Global Warming presented by Micaela:

As can be seen, Micaela is a high achiever so it is no wonder she is one of the flag bearers, an honour awarded to the most outstanding students.

At our institute, Micaela is always motivated to make the most of the different activities, and has also attended the conversation classes with native speakers.

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