Nahuel D.

Nahuel Di Benedetto is an outstanding student and a charming person.

He is committed to his community and volunteers at an Old People's Home helping the elderly at meal times, chatting with them and keeping them company, as well as organizing recreational activities. Below is a certificate issued by the Home authorities:

He has also sat international exams, which he has passed with flying colours.

He's extremely sociable and motivated to improve his English. That's why he has taken every chance to join the conversation groups with our foreign visitors.

A big passion for him is diving. He has been doing that since a very early age. At present, he is volunteering as a diving instructor and, as such, has developed important social skills. He is in charge of groups of beginners, who are usually quite anxious. Nahuel has proved brilliant at helping, supporting and inspiring them.

Apart from all that, Nahuel is always ready to take up new challenges and overcome whatever difficulties he might encounter. He recently went on a hot-air balloon flight. Below is a certificate issued by the organizers,

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