Friday, 14 February 2014

2013 Projects (artifacts, emails, and ....newspaper headlines!)

This is going to be a long post because 2013 was simply packed with exciting projects. All the previous experiences with some groups had proved so enriching that we wanted to open this up to all our students.

As can be seen in previous posts, Prof. Verónica Maser had already organised very successful ventures and we were incredibly lucky to have her accept to take on the coordination of our cross-cultural projects. None of the projects below would have been possible without the invaluable work of Verónica and all the teachers who took part in each of the endeavours. Just click on the links and you'll see their names all around :)

Rosario in Autumn

This was the kickoff project. By June, it was well underway and had our 3rd Adol students working enthusiastically with the help of their teachers to show what our town is like in autumn. They worked together with Miss Mafferetti's class in Virginia, USA

This is just a picture. Click HERE to go to the wiki.
THIS is the wiki in which they showcased the works they produced using a variety of tools such as Voicethread, One True Media, Pixorial and Windows Movie Maker.

It's worth visiting the links to the different classes (Daniela's, Gisela's, Vanesa's, Noe's and Vero's) to see the wonderful artifacts the students came up with.

E-mail Exchange with Prof Patricia Muchard's Students in Greece, NY, USA

Come September, groups of our students started exchanging emails with students from Greece, a town near New York, who were learning Spanish. Needless to say, this required lots of organization on the part of the teachers involved so as to pair students up, but it was well worth it.

Students introduced themselves and talked about their town, school and friends. Each group had to use the target language and answer their partner's questions.

E-mail Exchange with Prof Christy Weitz's Students in Lone Tree, Iowa, USA

November found us involved in another exchange organised along similar lines but, in this case, it was our 2nd, 3rd and 4th Adults students who were corresponding with peers in the USA telling each other about their family, hobbies, favourite sports and holiday destinations.

It was fantastic to see how much everyone enjoyed the experience of using the language they are learning in authentic communication.

Project with Karolina Duzy... (or how we made the headlines in Poland)

For this project, our students worked with peers in Zespół Szkół Nr 2, Rzeszow, Poland. They corresponded on a weekly basis and, by the end of the year, sent each other postcards and letters.
Here's a video showing our students when they received their postcards from Poland. Total elation!

Then, just a month ago, Karolina told us that the project, which teachers from other countries had also joined, had received national coverage in Poland, and had appeared in a couple of newspapers like Gazeta Wyborcza:

and Teraz Rzeszow:

Karolina was so kind as to provide a translation of this article.

And now what? Classes haven't started yet and we already have lots of projects waiting to be launched. So... get ready for another long post!