Saturday, 3 December 2016

2016 Cross-cultural Projects

After barely a month into the school year, we already had great projects rolling.


  • Ms Naty's 5th Adol took part in an exciting SKYPE-A-THON with Ms Cass Parker's students in Wellington, New Zealand.  

  • Ms Daniela's 5th Adol started exchanging emails with Ms Silvana Evans's students at "IGB International School"in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.


  • Ms Vero Maser's 6th Adol started working together with Ms Catherine Tsai's students in Luisville, Kentucky. In this case, the students used a wiki and their teachers paired them up so that they could start writing to each other in the language they are learning. 
         This is the virtual classroom where the students interacted: Around the World


  • Time for another exciting SKYPE-A-THON. This time, Ms Susana's 3rd Adol chatted with students in Queensland, Australia.
  • Ms Danisa's 2nd Adol and Ms Magalí's 3rd Adol started working collaborately in another virtual classroom with Ms María Laskaris's students at "Dover-Sherborn Middle School" in Boston
         This is their wiki: From Boston to Rosario


  • Another wiki was set up for Ms Susana's 3rd Adol and Ms Catherine Tsai's students in Emminence, Kentucky. It was incredible to see the quality of the work produced by the students at both ends, which goes to show how much more students can learn when they are working in a meaningful way.
           Here's their wiki: So Far So Close


  •  Closing the year, Ms Danisa's 2nd Adol got in touch with Ms María Laskaris's students in  Dover, Massachusetts.      

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