Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Invitation to nominate students for GYLC

GYLC (Global Young Leaders Conference) is one of the many programs offered by Envision Experience, "focused on giving high-aspiring students in elementary school through college the unique opportunity to turn their career and life aspirations into reality." Needless to say, we can hardly put into words how honoured we feel at having being given this opportunity.

About a month ago, Ms Verónica Maser, our cross-cultural projects coordinator, received an invitation, as an outstanding Educator, to nominate students from our institute.

How we chose our nominees

We took into account not just their command and high level of English, but also personal qualities such as enthusiasm, maturity, responsibility, proactivity, leadership potential, willingness to work hard and in a collaborative way.

Projects our nominees have taken part in

Our students have worked in a number of different projects both at school and in the community as a whole:
  • participation in the course "Young Leaders" in the local Rotary Club 
  • participation in the leadership school Rosario en Acción
  • participation in the project "El Caminante." 
  • participation in the Leadership School "ECO2016"
  • presentation of projects in the Provincial House of Representatives
  • annual project at school on the topic of "Child Abuse" 
  • report on euthanasia and abortion 
  • report on "Femicide", one of the most sensitive issues facing our country these days.
  • school project on social inclusion
  • active participation in conversation classes with foreign volunteers at our institute
  • participation in the cross-cultural projects at our institute (see previous posts) 
 You can see our students' works in more detail in their individual pages on the top bar.
Our nominees

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